Wipro 3D AM solutions are aimed at optimizing business outcomes. Our engagement with our clients is based on strong industrial context and is aimed at tailoring the technical solution to meet their exact needs.
Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) has seen a steady rise in adoption across various domains and industry verticals during the last decade. Intially regarded as a pure prototyping tool, AM technology has evolved considerably and is now being used for series production. In an effort to reduce time to market, improve product quality and its peformance, more and more sectors and industries are adopting AM as production method of choice.

Across the world, AM technologies are being applied in new business initiatives and strategic programs to improve process efficiency, and deliver superior components and systems.

Wipro 3D offers standard and customized AM solutions, products, and services which are not limited to commonly adopted metals. Wipro 3D’s in-depth application knowledge and production-ready proprietary Quality Management Systems that monitor more than 50 data points are key drivers leading to successful parts in diverse sectors.

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The Aerospace industry has been at the forefront of adapting Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) and some of the most evolved applications of metal AM can...

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Additive manufacturing (AM) is reaching outer space. Private space enterprises, state-run-space organizations, and other members of the space industrial ecosystems...

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Engineering design, and therefore production of components in the industrial sector, is primarily decided by the technical capabilities of conventional manufacturing...

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The defense industry is among the earliest adopters of Additive Manufacturing (AM) along with the Aerospace industry. State run defense agencies and private defense...

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Additive Manufacturing (AM) is steadily gaining interest in the Nuclear industry. Around the world, the nuclear sector is increasing the efficiency of their manufacturing processes...

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Additive Manufacturing (AM) is finding a great ”fit” in end-use application in both, the upstream and the downstream of the oil and gas sector. A variety of...

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Healthcare organizations across the globe face the challenge of sourcing low-volume, high-quality precision components at an optimum cost. Medical device...

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Owing to advancements in Additive Manufacturing (AM), new avenues are available for the automotive industry through newer designs; lighter, and safer products...

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Success in adapting metal 3D printing requires a trusted partner like Wipro 3D that offers end-to-end technical expertise, intensive consulting know-how and multiple engagement models that allow you, and your company, to experience the technology before investing in it for the long-term.

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