The defense industry is among the earliest adopters of Additive Manufacturing along with the Aerospace industry. AM has been deployed in a myriad of applications within the Defense industry. State-run defense agencies and private defense organizations have long since adopted metal AM and are using AM in highly critical projects for missiles, fighter jets, customized equipment, handheld weapons, drones, respiratory gear, cranial & mandible implants, prosthetics & orthotics, spare parts, tools and much more.
The defense logistics and product acquisition processes have already been disrupted by relatively small and tactical AM centres deployed in army, naval and air force establishments. Perhaps the most staggering application is portable in-field AM centres deployed near conflict zones.

AM research projects for defense applications include embedded electronics & communications systems, rotating & dynamic parts, bi-metallic AM processes, ceramic AM processes and rapid repair needs among others.

With the present AM adoption at an advanced stage, the defense industry is poised to catapult itself into series production. Wipro 3D, a mature AM adopter, has delivered successful AM components for strategic communication, hostile tracking & warning systems, frost protection articles, flame tubes, missile propulsion and guidance systems in Ti6Al4V, AlSi10Mg and Nickel based alloys.

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