Additive Manufacturing (AM) is finding end-use application in both, the upstream and downstream bands of the oil and gas sector. A variety of components are being produced by AM such as tiny connectors for mist separators, customised valve filters, control valve parts, turbine blades, and much larger stators and swirlers for industrial gas turbines. A common thread runs through all of these parts and it is that they are considerably improved in terms of functional performance.
Industry leaders are using AM in full production, leveraging the design enhancement capabilities, cycle time reduction, faster cooling cycles and improved product quality of their gas turbine platforms. Recently, successful tests of gas turbine blades with geometry-specific intricate cooling channels which travel at a rate of over 1,600 km/h in an environment of 1,250 °C have been conducted.

Younger players are disrupting the oil & gas industry by deploying large-scale IN 718 downhole tools for wellbore cleanouts. Even simple parts such as filters are being completely reimagined with superior functional performance as the objective. Thanks to Additive Design parameters based of fluid flow, turbulence and pressure drop, all critical factors in the oil & gas industry, notably enhanced parts are being deployed, making the case for AM all the more stronger.

Wipro 3D offer Additive Design & Realization services for reimagining Oil & Gas components and MRO services enabled by AM. Wipro 3D has monolithised a gas compression part reducing 29 parts into 1 superior part resulting in unprecedented performance improvements and reduction in potential failure points. Wipro 3D has additively manufactured a gas turbine nozzle tip in Hastelloy X by unifying a pair of flow parts into a monolith; and have developed an IN718 valve stem for the purpose of testing a new valve design to enhance flow control. Wipro 3D is keen to explore the MRO applications for Oil & Gas industry with its extensive AM knowledge base and new material adoption capability.

Oil & Gas Case Studies coming soon

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