Additive manufacturing (AM) is reaching outer space. Private space enterprises, state-run-space organizations, and other members of the space industrial ecosystems are quickly developing new concepts and possibilities based on AM capabilities. While some projects such as the European Space Agency’s AMAZE (where a 3D printer is to be put in space) will be realized in the future, actual components such as antennae, wave guides, brackets, thrusters, main oxidizer valves, combustion chamber liners, and propellant injectors, are either in the prototyping stage or are actually flying.
Structural components, such as brackets and supports, are low-risk applications of metal AM. Wipro 3D has redesigned, developed, and proved out flight-ready components for radio frequency applications such as antennae and feed horns, as well as developed capabilities for engine specific components with complex geometries that have undergone stringent validations by customers.

In the demanding environment of space, every gram counts, and extreme cyclic temperature variations from a critical part of considerations. While designing components, Wipro 3D has reimagined and delivered components that are not only lighter, but have resulted in improved functional performance, while increasing structural strength against vibrations, in very short 're-design to realize' lifecycles.

Apart from “native” ALSi10Mg alloy, Wipro 3D offers specific Al alloys as well as the ability to adopt new alloys, based on customer applications and business case. We have developed a robust applied domain understanding in space technology based on our own research, and in the course of our work with one of the world’s prestigious space agencies, resulting in mature know-how on the application of metal AM to space applications.

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