All machines and processes required right from the build release and post build heat treatment, net shaping to surface are put under one roof for a productive and smooth workflow, enabled by custom designed material handling capabilities.

Wipro 3D designs some of its key machines in post processing to be able to customize parameters for achieving required results.

  • Inert Gas Furnace
  • Vacuum Furnace (upcoming)
  • 4 Axis Vertical Machining Centre
  • Shot Peening/blasting (Various Media)
  • EDM Wire Cut
  • Surface Grinder
  • Tumbling Equipment
  • Specialized Machining Processes

Other Facilities

Success in adapting metal 3D printing requires a trusted partner like Wipro 3D that offers end-to-end technical expertise, intensive consulting know-how and multiple engagement models that allow you, and your company, to experience the technology before investing in it for the long-term.

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